How Do We Get Dental Implants?

When answering the question of how we get dental implants we need to look at the overall question.  On the most basic level we get dental implants because we haven’t taken proper care of our teeth over the years.  Each day we need to practice proper oral hygiene by brushing our teeth, flossing, getting regular dental checkups and eating the proper foods.  On a broader answer to this question you can get dental implants by learning about the dental implant procedure in Saint Louis.

The consultation

The first step is to get a consultation.  The consultation is where you will go into the dentist’s office and they will do an exam.  In this exam you will get x-rays that the dentist will look at and then a meeting with the dentist to discuss your options.

After the initial consultation you will be able to ask questions and get additional information.  You will then be given different options that can be performed in which your specific case can be resolved.  Remember, not everyone will have the same conditions that they need to follow in order to get implants.

Your decision

The next step is to make your decision.  After getting all of the information provided to you by the dentist you can discuss it with yourself, family and others to help make a decision.  Once you make a decision you start with eh implant process.

Teeth Extraction

dental implant procedure in Saint Louis

At this point they will start to prepare your mouth by removing any broken teeth, teeth that don’t’ belong and others.  Once this is done, you will need to go through the healing process.  This can take several weeks.

Initial setup

Depending on the type of implants that you will be getting there will be an initial setup process.  This will be where plates are drilled into the jaw or other components are installed that will hold your teeth. 

Healing process

After the initial setup your gums will need to heal.  This healing process will then prepare you for the implant procedure.


Now that everything has been removed, installed and healed, you can begin to actually get your implants.  Once those are installed you will go through a healing and adjustment period.  Once everything is good, yearly checkups will be needed to ensure that everything is working good.